Rhodes Entertainment was born as a production company in june 24th, in a small room at Rua dos Douradores, in Lisbon, with a single worker and a production studio. The idea came from our CEO and founder Carlos Vieira, in order to professionalize an area that he was already developing alone, since he himself was an artist and a composer in the past.

In that time, our core business was essentially to produce songs for television series, as was the case of “Morangos com Açucar” and for other artists with studio services and music production. It was in this sequence that the group made the leap to live shows productions with sold out tickets. From then on, the opportunity of working and produce corporate events became possible. 

With a catalog of artists that came from the outside in and had as the final costumers the Portuguese promoters, the good name of Rhodes Entertainment quickly stood out to the international context. From then on, the group begun to have their first sales out of Portugal with the production of the first edition of our own brand festival. The Rhodes Winter Festival.

It was also in that year that the first outsourcing office in Madrid opened its doors, followed by London and New York, which has set another very important milestone in our business corporate history.

This expansion of the group led the necessity of expanding the core business of the brand, leading, 10 years later after it’s creation, the group to contain a panoply of services that go from the event production, artists services and recording and edition of music, through the following brands: