Rhodes Live produced the Aquae Flaviae Fest

Rhodes Live produced the first edition of the “Aquae Flaviae Fest”, which took place in Chaves, on July 7, 8 and 9. The festival, under the theme of water, culture and gastronomy of the city, was a space for the convergence of art, music, entertainment, flavors and traditions, which brought life to the historic center of the city. It toured the banks of the River Tâmega with a range of artistic, gastronomic, water shows, Video Mapping and concerts. During the days of the festival, visitors enjoyed shows and street performances and had the opportunity to taste what is best produced and made in the region, with showcookings by Hernâni Hermida, Hélio Loureiro, among other chefs of excellence.

At night, the city of Chaves was able to count on the presence of David Carreira (the 7th), Matias Damásio (the 8th) and Paulo Gonzo (the 9th) who, as headliners, filled the venue created next to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Nadir Alfonso.

The event, which was organized by the Municipality of Chaves and produced by Rhodes Entertainment, through Rhodes Live, was a huge success, with the participation of thousands of people who traveled through the Festival spaces, during the three days, in that the same took place.